Exhortation: Luke 5:1-10 What is struggle? Some have used each letter of the word to help define what it is: they say S = stressed (in struggle one is stressed out) T = temptation (during struggle lots of temptations come) R = retarded reasoning (at struggle one can’t think right) U = undermined (one is […]

This teaching is based on my understanding of Isaiah 59:1 Depending on the translation you use, the word ‘Surely’ may mean: Certainly; Listen; Behold; See; Look; etc. Speaking of the arm of the Lord, it is the power of God. We hear God saying to Moses in Num. 11:23 that His power / arm was […]

In Gen. 26:12-22, the bible records that the man – Isaac dug wells 5 times before he finally had a rest. I hold unto the fact that he finally got to a point where he was no longer cheated; therefore, I prophesy into your life that this new year is your year of digging to […]

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