Dear Reader, I ‘ve got good news for you today; the news is that there is a way you can obtain what you need. As you read this article, you will be shown the steps to take, with the help of God, to begin to receive those things that you deserve but have lacked. The […]

This teaching is based on my understanding of Isaiah 59:1 Depending on the translation you use, the word ‘Surely’ may mean: Certainly; Listen; Behold; See; Look; etc. Speaking of the arm of the Lord, it is the power of God. We hear God saying to Moses in Num. 11:23 that His power / arm was […]

In Gen. 26:12-22, the bible records that the man – Isaac dug wells 5 times before he finally had a rest. I hold unto the fact that he finally got to a point where he was no longer cheated; therefore, I prophesy into your life that this new year is your year of digging to […]

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